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Weekly Lawn Maintenance


  • Top Soil
  • Mulch
  • Gravel
  • Edging
  • Tree & Shrub Pruning
  • Sprinkler Repair
  • Annuals
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs


  • Irrigation Services
  • Sod
  • Cobblestone
  • Aeration
  • Seed
  • Over seeding
  • Soil testing
  • Snow Removal
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Irrigation Services

Manage Overwatering

Clock & Controller Replacement

New Systems & Old Systems

Sprinkler Systems

  • Sprinklers can cover large areas.
  • Manual sprinklers require you to open the valve, time the watering yourself and then shut off the flow.
  • Automatic sprinkler systems offer the benefit of programmable controllers.
  • Make sure you set automatic sprinklers correctly and adjust it as conditions change.
  • Water early in the morning to reduce the evaporation rate.

Drip Irrigation

This system is good for a small yard or for watering individual plants.

  • Drip irrigation is highly effective at supplying one to four gallons of water per hour directly to the soil.
  • The advantage of drip irrigation over sprinklers is that there is little water loss due to evaporation or runoff.
  • It’s particularly good for mulched areas because it can directly soak the soil without washing away the mulch.

Sprinkler Blow-outs, Turn-ons, Inspections

Landscape Lighting Division


The Professional Approach to Landscape Lighting.

 Landscape Lighting is far more than simply illuminating parts of your property. It is an art practiced by craftsmen and women who are trained and experienced in the many facets of the art. Do-it-yourselfers may try to design and install their own landscape lighting, but their efforts are severely hampered by the technology, access to quality products, and a lack of design knowledge.
    A well designed Landscape lighting installation provides: Security and Safety.  In addition it also creates Task Lighting(appropriate illumination for the various regions of nighttime activity) and Aesthetic Lighting(a lighting project that is  both beautiful and encourages a wide range of emotions and feelings that arise from the visual experience).
    The many design principles used encompass cohesion, depth, focal points, light quality, perspective, balance, symmetry and visual comfort.
    In conclusion, Landscape Lighting Design is an art that is both practical and aesthetically enjoyable. Every property needs some sort of illumination and homeowners would be best served by hiring a professional to design and install their landscape lighting.
Bellflower Landscaping is a certified Cast Lighting design and installation center. Call or email us and we will come to your site for a free consultation and show you the benefits of a professional lighting design and installation. Please feel free to view the pictures below to see the beauty and quality from Cast Lighting Products.


CAST Lighting manufacturers the industry's most complete line of high quality low-voltage landscape lighting  and outdoor lighting products. These products include system components such as solid sand-cast bronze landscape lighting fixtures, stainless low-voltage transformers, marine grade landscape lighting wire,  bulbs, and low voltage lighting system accessories. All lighting fixtures have a lifetime warranty as long as they are installed and maintained by Bellflower Landscaping. 

Integrated Pest Management


Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an environmentally friendly, common sense approach to controlling pests. The IPM principles and benefits described below apply to any type of structure and landscaping. 

 Principles of IPM

Traditional pest control involves the routine application of pesticides. IPM, in contrast:

  • Focuses on pest prevention.
  • Uses pesticides only as needed.

This provides a more effective, environmentally sensitive approach.IPM programs take advantage of all appropriate pest management strategies, including the judicious use of pesticides. Preventive pesticide application is limited because the risk of pesticide exposure may outweigh the benefits of control, especially when non-chemical methods provide the same results.IPM is not a single pest control method but rather involves integrating multiple control methods based on site information obtained through:

  • inspection
  • monitoring
  • reports

Consequently, every IPM program is designed based on the pest prevention goals and eradication needs of the situation. Successful IPM programs use this four-tiered implementation approach:

Additional Services

Full Care Fertilization Programs


Full season growth and stability fertilization programs

Your property is unique. Each of our programs are fine-tuned to the specific needs of your property.

Bellflower Landscaping provides Soil Ph Tests, only using the most accurate and advanced techniques and products.

  • irrigation control
  • monitor weather and soil conditions
  • provide full soil tests upon request
  • available for diagnosing lawn, tree, shrub problems correctly and precisely

Family-Safe Non-Pesticide Deer/Tick Prevention


Bellflower Landscaping uses only the safest and finest products.

We offer a full protection plan against pests using a full line of Family Safe & Environmentally friendly prevention products.

Together, our goal is to maintain the belief in using the least amount of chemicals in our home, business and environment.  We look to provide excellent service and to effectively and accurately apply an all natural pest prevention plan due to our environments ever increasing and demanding need for green products and services.

  • Tick prevention
  • Deer prevention
  • Mole repellent
  • Geese repellent
  • Fire ant repellent

State of the Art Design & Installation